Saturday, September 8, 2007

St James Lake This Morning

I'm heading down to the T docks in St James this morning with my two boys. We've yet to catch anything big off the docks but the boys enjoy it. I'll be posting some pictures later if we catch anything mentionable. I'm hoping the fishing will be better now that we've gotten some rain. Only bad thing about the docks is the weeds that can make it impossible to do anything more than bobber fishing and sometimes the wind that makes it impossible to cast out beyond 10 feet.
If the wind is bad we'll head down to Kansas Lake, just a few miles SW of St James. It looks like there is another T dock there and on the opposite side from the ones at St James so we should be in good shape in either case.

More when I get back.

I got skunked at St James, my youngest caught a tiny Blue Gill so we headed down to Kansas Lake (just 5 miles SWish of St James). The public park is very nice, if a bit small, there is a decent T dock but alas we caught nothing there either. We could see what looked to be bass and northerns jumping but we couldn't get them to bite on anything we were tossing.

Alwell. There is always tomorrow/today (sunday). Probably head out to Lake Sleepy Eye.

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