Friday, October 5, 2007

DIY Pontoon Build Update 4

Hi Folks, 4th update here and I'm happy to say it is almost done!

Here we have an admitidly dark photo of the pontoons with the
deck in place. It has really come together well in my opinion, especially for a first build attempt (ok, enough of the back patting). The coolest thing about this photo is the fan in the background, it *is* on high yet it looks like it's off. :)

Here you can see the exquisite craftsmanship that
went into this build, notice how the deck supports sit not flush with the pontoons, but gapped instead... god bless wood flour, fiberglass and epoxy resin! It was a mistake on my part for trying to multitask (I work on/with computers all day, multitasking is second nature, go figure) and while the epoxy was curing on the pontoons I started glueing and screwing together the deck instead of following the instructions and glueing the supports to the pontoons and then the deck to the supports.

On the right side you can see another big gap between the supports and the pontoon. I believe this will be ok as the support itself is resting on the bulkhead and I filled in the gap(s) with a woodflour and resin mix, waited for it to cure and then the two coats of fiberglass and resin but only time will tell.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

DIY Pontoon Build Update 3

I've gotten a good bit further but these are the latest pictures.

My oldest just helped me take one of the pontoons out from the garage to move the other one and start working on the top. I'm not sure what he is doing in the picture, I just chalk it up to being a kid. The pontoon is resting on what will be the deck when the whole thing is put together.

Side image of the pontoon above, I had some work to do as some of the fiberglass didn't stick to the pontoon on the bottom so instead of doing the right thing and rip the glass off and put a clean coat on, I took a syringe filled with resin and filled in the air bubbles. Then another coat of resin on the top and sides and it was done.

I actually have both pontoons attached to the deck now and am planning on slapping on a coat of paint tonight and another coat tomorrow, then this Friday or Saturday it'll hit the water.

If it floats, you'll get pictures. If it doesn't, well... you won't.